General English

Practical English

  • Helps learners study and use practical daily English.
  • In small class size of 1-4 participants, learners'life experiences are used as study cases for English practice as they complete task-based assignments.

Meten Business Games

  • Helps learners learn business English.
  • MBG combines real-life study cases and simulation games. Students learn how to think and work in English by applying their ractical business knowledge and experience in completing authentic workplace tasks. MBG is one of the most popular learning programs in Meten.

English for Young Learners

  • As the only domestic general English course for young people that improves their quality of English education and academic performance, Meten English for Young Learners introduces original English textbooks from overseas with emphasis on spoken English.

Standardized Tests Preparations

  • 6 to 1 special training: each learner has a special coaching team of 6 teachers that provide the most in-depth professional assistance on course study, after-class tutoring, extra-curricular development, and study plan.
  • The only exclusive “one to one” international exam training institution in China.

Overseas Services

  • METEN provides comprehensive step-by-step guidance and worry-free plans for Chinese learners who aspire to get an education abroad.
  • Have successfully assisted many students reach their academic goals.
  • 25% of students in METEN are accepted into the world's top 30 universities such as Harvard, Yale, Oxford, and Cambridge.

Online VIP

  • Online courses can be taken anytime (book the course 4 hours in advance), anywhere (provided there’s a computer and internet connection), on any topics (choose from a wide range of categories).
  • Programs and courses are flexible and tailored to students’ varied needs. We take full consideration of each learner’s English proficiency, interests and hobbies, professional background, learning needs, and learning schedule.
  • All Meten foreign teachers are TEFL and TESOL-certified native English speakers with standard accent and international worldview.
  • Meten’s distance learning platform makes sure that students have their own space and pace of study. It is solely their decision to use the course’s video conferencing feature or not.

Preparatory Academy

  • METEN Preparatory Academy (MPA) is founded by Meten English in partnership with Greenville High School and Mizzou K-12 Online.
  • Bring American education into China. Give study autonomy back to students.
  • Everything is originally from America except the air.
  • You can study like an American high-school student in China.